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Colette fragte vor 2 Jahren

I’m Colette De Smet (26 yo, Belgian). This autumn, my partner and I will move to the Mannheim-Heidelberg’s region. I would like to do some additional studies on top of my degree Master of Science in Bioscience Engineering Technology: Horticulture (at University of Ghent). I would like to broaden my knowledge by doing a study garden- and landscape architecture. I’m searching for a high school or university in Heidelberg’s region. Unfortunately, there is no campus in the neighborhood that offers this study. That’s how I found the Fernstudie Landshaftsarchitektur at IU on your website. But when I search on IU’s own website, I don’t find this studie object offered for coming school year (’22-’23). So I’m wondering if it will be offered, since it’s findable on your website. 
Besides that, I also want to know if it’s possible to do just a part of the courses since I have already a large background due to my diploma and working experience in the public service sector (spatial and urban planning, buildings permits, …). I’m thinking of choosing some relevant courses (like designing) which I didn’t learn at my engineering study.
Thanks a lot for your answer,
Kind regards,
Colette De Smet