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Hobbys dienen in erster Linie zur Selbstverwirklichung. Zahlreiche Weiterbildungen aus diesem Bereich stehen Studieninteressierten zur Verfügung, die gerne ihre persönlichen Vorlieben perfektionieren möchten, z.B. das Schreiben von eigenen Büchern, Malen, Sprachen oder Handwerkskunst.
Die einzelnen Lehrgänge vermitteln dabei spezielles Wissen und zeigen, wie Sie aus Ihrem Hobby das Beste herausholen. So stehen in diesem Bereich zahlreiche Weiterbildungen zur Auswahl, die gegen geringe Kosten gebucht werden können. In der Regel schließen diese Kurse mit einem Zertifikat ab, das das Eigenengagement unter Beweis stellt.

Klassische Fernstudiengänge aus dem Bereich Hobby

Hobby-Zertifikatslehrgänge sind eine der am häufigsten gebuchten Fernlehrgänge im Internet. Studieninteressierte möchten ihre Kenntnisse verfeinern und spezielle Techniken und Praktiken näher kennenlernen. So gibt es u.a. folgende Hobby-Lehrgänge:

  • Malen
  • Ahnenforschung
  • Fotografie
  • Sprachen
  • Kochen
  • Feng Shui
  • Raumgestaltung
  • Musik
  • Garten


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Fernstudienangebote, Fernkurse und Weiterbildungen im Bereich Hobby/Hobbies:


Fernstudium IOA: Crystal Healing

Weiterempfehlung: ¹Werbelink     Are you interested in holistic medicine? Are you curious about natural and alternative methods for healing? Have you wished that you knew more about crystal healing, so you could begin your own practice? Then this is the course for you! Our online course, accessible anywhere, anytime, will teach you everything you […]

Fernstudium IOA: Golf: Up your game

Weiterempfehlung: ¹Werbelink     Golf is arguably the most perfect sport in the world. It’s a workout for the body and mind in the great outdoors. It’s a super boost for your social life. And it’s inclusive. Anyone of any age, sex and ability can play on the same golf course. Even more benefits of […]

Fernstudium IOA: Pet Adoption

Weiterempfehlung: ¹Werbelink     Get the practicalities right about winning her trust, changing her name, building confidence, play, exercise and training Find out how to avoid some common behavioral issues so you don’t feel frustrated because you understand what she’s going through Through our easy-to-follow modules, you’ll be prepared for the new arrival and how […]

Fernstudium IOA: World of Dance

Weiterempfehlung: ¹Werbelink     Flamenco, ballet and jazz, oh my! In this beginners course you can master a world of dance steps from the comfort of your living room! Did you know that dancing has been proven to improve brain memory and emotional health? Dancing also has anti-aging benefits! A study published in the journal […]

Fernstudium IOA: Baby Care 101

Weiterempfehlung: ¹Werbelink     After 9 months of waiting for your bundle of joy to arrive, it’s time to dive head first into one of life’s greatest journeys – the wonderful world of parenting. Whether you’re new to parenting, a soon-to-be parent, or have been parenting for years, this course will provide you with a […]

Fernstudium IOA: DIY Home Improvements

Weiterempfehlung: ¹Werbelink     Have you always wanted to try your hand at home improvement and DIY projects? DIY, or Do-It-Yourself, can be a great way to maintain your house and garden and to add new features that you can enjoy for years to come. The satisfaction from building things with our own two hands […]

Fernstudium IOA: Growing Food in Small Gardens

Weiterempfehlung: ¹Werbelink     If you always thought your space was too small to start a garden, we’re here to prove you wrong! Why grow your own fruit and veg? ensure that they truly are organic and pesticide free teach children about food sources and care for plants reduce your carbon footprint the joy of […]

Fernstudium IOA: Plant Based Cooking

Weiterempfehlung: ¹Werbelink     People who follow a plant-based diet have lower cholesterol, better blood pressure levels and are at a lower risk of heart disease, stroke, cancers, type-2 diabetes and inflammation. In this course, Chef Cynthia Louise will open up a new world of plant-based cooking; Creating delicious new flavors and inspiring easy-to-create dishes. […]

Fernstudium IOA: Your Healthy Baby

Weiterempfehlung: ¹Werbelink     Your child is the greatest gift you will ever receive. The first moment you hold your bundle of joy in your arms your world will forever be changed. In the first few months especially, you will experience a wide range of emotions from joy and excitement to overwhelmed and confused. When […]

Fernstudium IOA: Baby Shower Party Planner

Weiterempfehlung: ¹Werbelink     Imagine being a part of one of the happiest celebration of a persons‘ life. Now, imagine being the person responsible for making that celebration one of their cherished memories for years to come. As a baby shower planner, your career will be surrounded by the excitement and joy of expecting mothers […]

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